InvisiYouth Charity Launches Video Podcast Series as First of Virtual Programming

April 1st, 2018

The wait is finally over, and after over year of preparation, InvisiYouth Charity will be launching its Virtual Programming. This is begin in May with our video podcast series, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions! It is to be hosted by our founder and executive director, Dominique Viel, who is taking her public speaking background and flipping it behind the mic to host our series.

We often discuss at InvisiYouth that traditional methods of providing educational resources, to provide outlets of confidence or empowerment tools, does not gear itself to the young adult demographic. It was imperative for InvisiYouth Charity to not only lean into our virtual platform, but to also make sure it was accessible. Our series will be a video podcast so it can be inclusive to the hearing-impaired community with our YouTube channel for the visual show, and accommodating to the visually impaired community with our audio podcast show being on NINE podcast platforms (we’ll list those at the end, no worries!). Our nonprofit loves being a fully inclusive community so to have a series that anyone could access was important.

Also, an immediate uniqueness to InvisiYouth Chat Sessions is that it’s unlike any other chronic illness/disability or lifestyle podcast out there. No, we don’t follow the traditional interview profile, and we don’t have solo shows.  Each episode is designed for our special guests, and it is laid out like a late-night chat show. We have funny segments, rapid fire questions, majorly deep conversations, top five checklist creations, impactful or funny life story-telling, and even segments based off Tinder…so you know it’s going to be a crazy hour every episode.

The tagline defines the show quickly: Check in for a dose of stigma-breaking, humor-filling, empowerment-building life hacks and motivation tips for all the “medically adult-ish”™ young people.

It is a biweekly video podcast when we’ll bring guest experts from all illness/disability communities, like mental health, rare disease and bereavement, to YouTubers, activists, adaptive athletes and actors, that are YA game-changers to tackle topics that are often too taboo, uncomfortable or common sense, while providing some lifestyle management and tips.  InvisiYouth strives that is aids young people between the age of 13-35 with any chronic illness or disability, both physical and mental health, to have tools to thrive in daily life with their health struggles…and that is why InvisiYouth focuses all its programs like this virtual program on the “medically adult-ish”™ population. It’s a chat show unlike any other, with fun games, segments and guidebook sections.

Special thanks to our team, our founder Dominique, our podcast and filming studio, Gotham Podcast Studio based in New York City, who supports our show and nonprofit to help us have the platform to create InvisiYouth Chat Sessions! And major shout out to our band sponsor/theme song creator Bryan Hansen, for helping this dream have the best soundtrack ever! We’ve got some killer guests lined up, so get ready for an epic season.

All the links to our show are below, so please help our nonprofit and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, and all our podcast channels too. And give the episodes a listen or watch, thumbs up, rate and comment because each view and positive rating makes the difference!


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Press Release Coverage of InvisiYouth Introduces Nonprofit’s Own Illness Lifestyle Management Tools

July 27, 2017

By Dominique Viel

PR Newswire, with PR firm Luna Public Relations, has released a press release introducing InvisiYouth Charity’s very own developing teen and young adult illness lifestyle management tools to the national and international media. Below:

‘InvisiYouth’ First-Ever Nonprofit to Empower Teens and Young Adults Battling Chronic Illness: New charity provides lifestyle management tools to fill gap in older youth healthcare

A new nonproift, 501(c)3 organization, InvisiYouth Charity, is filling a critical void in healthcare by providing lifestyle management resources to empower teens and young adults suffering from all types of chronic illnesses. The first and only organization of its kind, InvisiYouth focuses on the non-medical aspect of illness management and helps young people lead meaningful, happy lives, despite health setbacks.

Led by founder 24-year-old Dominique Viel, InvisiYouth gives a voice to teens and young adults between the ages 13 – 25 who are often overlooked in the decision-making process when it comes to their health. Inspired by her own experience as a former teen tennis player who suffered an injury and developed a neurovascular condition, Viel launched InvisiYouth.

“Due to the focus of the healthcare system on addressing medical needs of patients, there is inadequate support when it comes to helping older youth acclimate to life with illness or injury, outside the medical environment,” said Viel. “Many young people feel they are invisible or powerless when it comes to their health, as well as their academic, social and personal choices.”

“This is where InvisiYouth steps in,” continued Viel. “We help young people become empowered and resilient –invincible– with our tools, tips and lifestyle hacks so they can live each day to the fullest.”

Through a combination of advocacy, education and multi-city events that involve older youth both nationally and internationally, the organization works to combat the social and emotional challenges faced by teens and young adults with chronic physical and mental illnesses, and injuries, and works to end stigmas related to invisible illness. For more information about InvisiYouth Charity or to get involved, visit

About InvisiYouth Charity
InvisiYouth Charity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides lifestyle management tools to empower teens and young adults suffering from chronic physical or mental illness. Through a combination of advocacy, education and events that work with older youth both nationally and internationally, the organization functions as a resource to help young people battling visible or invisible illnesses cope with the social and emotional challenges they face, and teach them and their support teams how to manage this unique lifestyle. For more information, visit

You can also view the press release in its original format here.

New Jersey Music Store Makes Donation of All Proceeds From Spring Fundraiser Recital to InvisiYouth Charity

By Dominique Viel

May 27, 2017

This weekend, InvisiYouth Charity was selected to be the charity of choice for the Music Forever Spring Recital. Hosted in New Jersey, this music store, born from the iconic NJ music store Lou Rose Music Center, has over 180 students ranging from 5-70 years of age and teaches instruments from guitar, drums, and piano, to ukulele, cello, saxophone, and flute, and everything in-between.

It’s a hands on, family-orientated music store that takes such immense pride in developing passionate lovers of music.

InvisiYouth Charity was beyond thrilled to be accepted as the charity recipient of all the proceeds from the recital and kind donations from many of the families and friends in the audience. Our founder, Dominique Viel, is a fellow New Jersey native and loves the support InvisiYouth receives from the Garden State.

Even more so, it is the connection of music that drove Music Forever and InvisiYouth Charity to collaborate for adaptive therapy programs and activities, especially when it comes to all the arts. The charity has witnessed the benefits of music therapy firsthand and constantly advocates to their teen and young adult patient supporters to look into music programs. It was this advocacy for music that intrigued Music Forever to make InvisiYouth this charity of choice.

Whether physically assistive for their needs or recovery plans, or just cathartic programs, music therapy is something that anyone, healthy or living with illness, should have in their lives.

It has been InvisiYouth’s goal to bring this mission of different lifestyle hacks for the chronic illness community to the forefront, so the platform to speak to dozens and dozens of young people who have a passion for music was a major benefit.

Our founder, Dominique Viel, got to attend the recitals, speaking to the crowds about InvisIYouth and how others can get involved and help.

Through her own experiences as a former ‘teen spoonie’ Dominique is able to connect to the young people and give firsthand leadership behind helping teens and young adults with chronic illness navigate life with illness.

InvisiYouth was able to connect with lots of young people and parents about our work, getting more people involved. As if there a better way to end the fundraiser day than great music, InvisiYouth was given a check (a very large check, actually) with a donation of ALL the proceeds from the recitals.

InvisiYouth Charity was given a check of over $1,110 where 100% of the funds will be used for InvisIYouth’s currently developing lifestyle programs. 

Beyond speechless and a humbling moment for our founder, who was able to be given the check in front of the entire audience of young people, family and friends.

It is fundraisers like this one, moments where InvisiYouth Charity gets to interact with young people and families, to share with more people how we want to assist and motivate youth with chronic illness and advocate for and alongside them to have platforms to live their best lives.

If you would like to host a fundraiser for InvisiYouth Charity like this one, or have our founder Dominique Viel as a guest speaker at your next event, please contact us.

InvisiYouth Joins England’s Superhero Series and First UK Inclusive Disability Adaptive Sporting Event as Charity Friend

By Dominique Viel

March 22, 2017

This August 19th, InvisiYouth Charity is heading to England to be part of the Superhero Series Event, the first inclusive disability and adaptive sporting event series in the United Kingdom! The event, creating from the passion of para-triathlete Sophia Warner, Superhero Series is all about discovering your inner superpower and raising so much awareness on bringing adaptive sports to the general public.

This event will encompass three disability sports, swimming, running and cycling, where different teams of people with disabilities and chronic illness, along with their supporters of friends and family, will work together to complete these events. It’s like an adaptive triathlon where the competitor gets to call the shots on how they compete!

The setting perfectly reflects the mindset of embracing the inner superheroes of individuals with disabilities: Dorney Lake.

The home of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic rowing competitions! Now the home of a gorgeous parkland, Dorney Lake will make every person feel the competitive flare in the air.

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InvisiYouth Hosts InvisiEvents: Multi-City Series for Teens and Youth with Illness

By Dominique Viel

February 7, 2017

This past October, InvisiYouth Charity hosted its very first set of events for teens and young adults with chronic illness.

InvisiEvents was a multi-city series with four fun activity-driven events hosted in four cities and two different countries all on the same day. These fun events were not just about providing some fun for youth, but it was about creating inclusivity and learning. Each youth was able to bring along a friend or sibling, with or without illness, so the InvisiEvents would allow for a more open environment. And during each city’s event there was a Q&A section where all the youth could discuss the ups and downs and funny stories in-between about teen healthcare.

The InvisiEvents were hosted across the US and UK, in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey and London, England. With Founder Dominique hosting the InvisiYouth Charity-headquarters event in New Jersey, InvisiYouth was lucky enough to have three fabulous volunteer cohosts who devoted their time to helping in our other cities. Our LA event was assisted by the fierce “sick chick” leader, Shira Strongin, founder of the popular female health empowerment community, Sick Chicks. In the Midwest, InvisiYouth was happy to have YA powerhouse and a co-leader of We Are More Initiative, Emily Muller, working hard for Chicago. And across the pond in London, England, young adult healthcare transition activist, Hannah Philips, and creator of Hannah’s Heartbeat held down the fort.

Each city’s successful event had its own theme and with the power of social media, our #InvisiEvents hashtag let youth in each city interact with one another and share their memories.

At our #InvisiChicago event, the group of teens were able to chat and share some stories while checking out an awesome coffee shop. And over in the United Kingdom, our #InvisiLondon group of young people were able to make some fun memories while indulging in amazing food at a garden-themed lunch party.

On the East Coast, at #InvisiNJ, it was all girl power and lots of laughs during a cupcake decorating demonstration at a local bakery. And over at our sunny California #InvisiLA event, our group of young people had an exciting day exploring Downtown Disney.

Almost 40 youth came to our events with illnesses such as cardiac conditions, cystic fibrosis and RSD, to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, leukemia, OCD and more. And with all the group photos, it’s hard to decipher who are part of the InvisiYouth illness community and who are their supporters, given the large mix of visible and invisible illness. With humbling, positive feedback, InvisiYouth has decided InvisiEvents: Multi-City Series will continue for many years to come!

With more cities, more countries, more youth and bigger, better events, InvisiYouth hopes to take the successful teamwork from InvisiEvents and bring it to even more young people so they can have a day of fun outside their health struggles to make new friends, new memories and learn from each other.