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It's the most non-newsletter kind of newsletter that'll fulfill all your life-improving, non-medical needs while also adding you to a community embracing badass-ness, kindness, realness and all that makes you and your chronic illness/disability unique.

Level up by joining the hub for young people wanting all the life-improving and rebel game-changing resources and projects in your "medically adult-ish" chronic illness and disability life.

Our new monthly community isn't like your typical newsletter because it's super interactive and lets you be part of our international community as loud or soft as you'd like! The Galaxy Hub is a place for one-stop (and free!) shopping for all your resources, projects, social media challenges, shop additions, and activism campaigns you can join with the click of a button! 

Everyone living with a chronic illness or disability as a young person is unique, and their health manifests differently from one another, just like the fingerprint of a star. So when you sign up for our newsletter Galaxy Hub, you are keeping your unique star-like brightness while joining our galaxy.  It's time for a newsletter with the mostest and InvisiYouth's got you covered!  

Make sure to sign up to join our newsletter, get exclusive access to our shop, discounts and fundraisers, grab all our free resources with the click of a button, and a bunch of fun life advice that'll bring some boost to your month. Just give us a few details on our Sign Up Form and you're all set!