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Global Brand Leaders Program

Advocate. Fundraise. Empower. 

These are the pillars of InvisiYouth Charity's Global Brand Leaders Program. Teens and young adults from around the world are selected to work with InvisiYouth for activism and fundraising. These dedicated and passionate young adults have achieved some incredible accomplishments in their lives, all the while living with various chronic illnesses and disabilities.  Our Brand Leaders are motivated and fun-loving individuals who contribute to their communities in the health sector and beyond, and will work with InvisiYouth to mutually promote empowerment and raise funds for all young adults living with all illnesses or disabilities. And they get access to all of our merch and programs before anyone else! The objective: further InvisiYouth’s mission into their neighborhoods, to broaden awareness and access to supportive InvisiYouth events/programs that can be provided for our growing international young adult network. 

Do you, or someone you know, want to become an InvisiYouth Brand Leader and make a difference? We want to hear from you, so Contact Us!

Meet all of the 2018-2019 InvisiYouth Global Brand Leaders:


Chloe Tear, 19, England

BrandLeaders2018 ChloeTear1

I have mild Cerebral Palsy as well as being registered as partially sighted. I started writing ‘Life as a Cerebral Palsy student’ at 15 and writing allows me to express myself and raise honest awareness about the daily aspects of my disabilities. We all have a unique story, but together we can strive towards acceptance and understanding, even if this is just a greater understanding of ourselves. Aside from writing, I am currently studying Psychology & Child Development at university and the Assistant Coordinator for CP Teens UK. CP Teens is a charity who provides help, hope, inspiration and friendship to young people with Cerebral Palsy or a similar physical disability, and is a role that I thoroughly enjoy. I love meeting up with friends for coffee and photography. “Go turn those obstacles into opportunities, don’t look back and never ever put a limit on what you can achieve."

Life as a Cerebral Palsy student: 

Twitter: @chloetear


Ashley Murphy, 18, Canada 

BrandLeaders2018 AshleyMurphy1

Ashley Rose Murphy was born to an addict mother, contracting HIV from her mother at birth.  For the first 10 years of her life her life was filled with neglect, foster care, three months in a coma and sickness. In addition to HIV Ashley has mild cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, anxiety and osteoporosis.  Since the age of ten she has been speaking openly about growing up with HIV. She’s an Ambassador for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and WE Movement. Now 18 years old and studying at a university in Canada, Ashley Rose Murphy is a leading voice for the young adults population, using her story to motivate other young people to reach their potential in the face of adversity, and to continuously break down stigmas for those living with HIV and other chronic illnesses.

Twitter: @theashleyrose_

TEDxTalk: YouTube video

ME to WE: Ashley's WE Ambassador Profile


Sophie Ward, 24, England

BrandLeaders2018 SophieWard1

My name is Sophie from the North of England. In April of 2017, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and co-infections. My health over the past decade has declined dramatically. I went from swimming for Great Britain to using a wheelchair on outings. My illness had driven me to be passionate about helping others who also suffer with chronic illness find purpose and a voice. I run my blog to offer comfort and motivation to those who feel alone. I do a lot of work with my local MPs (member of Parliament)  to push for change and acceptance for my disease and I am one of the admin for the Lyme Disease UK discussion group. I have written two recipes books filled with allergy-free recipes because of the amount of intolerances I began suffering with meant my diet has had to change dramatically. I try to switch the light on in the darkness and help others face the sun too, encouraging hobbies and self-love in a challenging situation is deeply important to me. 

Twitter: @sophwardy

Instagram: @sophiewardy

Website (blog): 

Amy Saunders, 22, England

BrandLeaders2018 AmySaunders1

Hi! I’m a lifestyle and chronic illness blogger in the UK! I’m in my final year at University, studying Linguistics and my hobbies including singing, playing piano and writing. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2014 after getting glandular fever in 2012. A big part of my blog, Living with ME, is raising awareness of invisible and chronic illnesses and helping people understand what it feels like to be chronically ill. I also created an online community for bloggers living with chronic illness called Blogging in Bed, which has allowed other with illness to connect and share their own blogs and communicate with each other.  I’m really excited to get involved with InvisiYouth and become a Brand Leader for them because I think as a young adult it is so difficult to manage an invisible illness when there are so many expectations of you being young and healthy. I believe it’s important to give these young people the guidance and support they need to battle their illnesses. InvisiYouth is such a brilliant charity and I’m looking forward to help bring it even more into the UK!

Twitter: @amylivingwithme 

Twitter: @bloggingbed

Instagram: @amy_livingwithme

Emma Franklin, 25, England

BrandLeaders2018 EmmaFranklin1

I'm currently fighting Chronic Lyme Disease, I've had it for 15 years and have been diagnosed/treated for the last two years. I'm much better than I was, but I still have a long way to go! I used to work in the fashion industry but now Lyme has taken me down a different path so I'm studying nutritional therapy; once I'm qualified I will be able to open up my own affordable clinics across the UK to treat people with Lyme and other chronic illnesses. I write a blog about my experiences with chronic illness and use social media, a presence online and the media to raise awareness. I'm hoping to make a change out there. I'm excited about being an InvisiYouth brand leader because they help people across the world who are battling chronic illness, which is what I want to do. We make the perfect team!


Instagram: @myblondevoyage

Twitter: @myblondevoyage

Facebook Page: Blonde Voyage


Madi Vanstone, 16, Canada

BrandLeaders2018 MadiVanstone2

My name is Madi and I live on a farm north of Toronto. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 8 years old and spend nearly a month annually in hospital treating lung infections.  I've done speaking events sharing my story and worked with rare disease groups. When I was 12, I desperately needed a new, VERY expensive drug that would correct the defective gene. I decided to fight for government coverage of the drug for myself and others who would have improved quality of life. After nearly a year of a very well-covered battle, the drug was granted coverage.  Due to the time I missed at school I fell behind, and decided e-learning would be a better fit, so I do schooling from home. I am looking forward to being a Brand Leader to inspire others to live their best lives and that despite our challenges, we can create a beautiful life for ourselves and others.

Instagram: @madi.vanstone

Facebook: Madi Vanstone

Facebook Group: Madi's Miracles

Molly Kestenbaum. 23, United States of America

BrandLeaders2018 MollyKestenbaum1

Molly Kestenbaum, who goes by her brand name Molly Rose, is a fashion designer from New York City. Molly is hearing impaired, which led to her getting hearing aids and having a cochlear implant at a young age.

Now, she started her own eyewear brand to include hearing impaired women in mainstream fashion. She is passionate about raising awareness about our "differences" through the lens of fashion design, and speaks at local public schools to young kids through the Learning From Our Differences program about owning what makes us individually different.

Other passions in addition to speaking include traveling, painting, adventuring around cities, and spending time with her friends and family! She loves to connect with everyone so get in touch!


Instagram: @xx.mollyrose

Instagram for Molly Rose Eyewear: @mollyroseofficial


Effie Koliopoulos 30, United States of America

BrandLeaderMay2018 EffieKoliopoulos2

My name is Effie and I am a writer, vlogger, speaker, patient and awareness advocate, and soon to be an integrative health coach. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at 18 years old. I love spending time with family and friends, writing about my experiences, traveling, cooking, finding new gluten and diary-free recipes to try, going to the movies and so much more. I am a part of the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s crew member team, where I help spread awareness. I am a Suffering the Silence Ambassador and have shared a story of mine at there, Breaking the Silence Storytelling event. In addition, I blog about my journey at, Rising Above Rheumatoid Arthritis and just started a YouTube channel called, RA and Myself. Also, I created an awareness challenge called, I Am Keeping It Real With for those suffering from all forms of arthritis, chronic illnesses and disabilities. You can find out more on how to get involved on my website’s homepage. I am excited to get involved in being a Brand Leader for InvisiYouth because I love the organization's message, want to meet new people, and engage in different ways to raise awareness and funds.


Twitter: @risingabovera 

Instagram: @risingabovera 

Pinterest: @risingabovera

YouTube: RA and Myself 

Shona Cobb, 20, England

BrandLeaders2018 ShonaCobb3

My name is Shona Cobb and I am a writer, blogger and disability activist from England! I have a genetic condition called Marfan Syndrome and I'm a powerchair user. Over the past few years, I've become empowered by my disability and chronic illness and have used it to try and bring about change in the United Kingdom. I spend my time raising awareness of Marfan, writing about ableism and accessibility and occasionally popping up in the media talking about issues that affect disabled and chronically ill people. It's my passion and so it's what I spend most of my day doing! I'm really excited to be a Brand Leader for InvisiYouth Charity, an extension of the work I love doing, to be the voice and guide that I would have benefited from in my early teen years as my health deteriorated. 


Twitter: @shonalouiseblog

Instagram: @shonalouiseblog

Facebook: @MyMarfanLife


Aria Gaudet, 19, Canada

BrandLeaders2018 Aria Gaudet1

Hello! I'm Arianne Gaudet, 19 years old, and from the land of maple syrup, eh, of Canada! Maple syrup has anti-inflammatory properties which comes in handy for someone who has chronic pain. When I had hip surgery, I had no idea it would lead to chronic neuropathic pain.

Now, my chronic pain has led me to different passions I have and people who I otherwise wouldn't have met if I did not have the health struggles that I do.

InvisiYouth Charity has a vision for empowering young patients to become the person they are meant to be, despite the health challenges they're dealing with each and every day. To be able to share the tools and programs from InvisiYouth Charity, to help empower each other, is the most exciting part of this journey as a new InvisiYouth Brand Leader. I cannot wait to connect! 

Instagram: @chronicallyhip


Emily Levy, 24, United States of America

BrandLeaders2018 EmilyLevy1During my sophomore year of college, I was diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. I also have POTS, Secondary CIDP and often struggle with the anxiety that comes along with having chronic conditions and running a business! When I had my first PICC line put in, I was told to protect it by wearing a cut-off sock, sleeve-like, on my arm. I became obsessed with finding a solution that looked and felt fabulous and wouldn’t come between me and my lifestyle. Thus, the PICCPerfect® a PICC line protector was born. But we realized we could improve more lives by creating additional products. So today, we are Mighty Well™ — a growing line of medical accessories that give strength, confidence, and mobility back to spoonies and anyone with a health setback. And one thing is synonymous between Mighty Well and InvisiYouth: we want to transform the lives of patients and caregivers around the world so they, too, can live their best lives!

Instagram: @mightywell_emily and @mightywell_

Twitter: @mightywellemily and @livemightywell


Claire Wineland, 21, United States of America

BrandLeaders2018 ClaireWineland2

Claire Wineland has been living with cystic fibrosis her entire life, and she’s used her voice and story to motivate the masses as a YouTuber and philanthropist.  At the age of 13, she decided to help others living with CF and founded the Claire’s Place Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit providing support to children and families affected by CF. Claire’s foundation is a way for her to give back with hope, strength, joy and make meaning of what she has had to go through. Now 21, Claire’s inspirational model has led her to be a TEDx Speaker and speak at leading events across the globe, as well as top universities and companies, using the podium to spread and share her unique outlook on life. Claire is thrilled to be a Brand Leader for InvisiYouth as she is always looking for new ways to shine a light on CF and people living with chronic illnesses. She is also excited to be able to reach people her own age through InvisiYouth. Claire has received awards like one of Seventeen Magazine’s “17 Power Teens” of 2016 and Global Genes’ RARE Champion of Hope Award among others, and featured on CNN, ABC News, Cosmopolitan, People, and more.

Website: Claire's Place Foundation

Facebook: Claire's Place Foundation

YouTube Channel: Claire Wineland

Twitter: @clairewineland