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Global Brand Leaders Program

Advocate. Fundraise. Empower. 

These are the pillars of InvisiYouth Charity's Global Brand Leaders Program. Teens and young adults from around the world living with any chronic illness or disability are selected to work with InvisiYouth for activism and fundraising in this leadership program. These young people are defined as "medically adult-ish" because our services within leadership and resources are to solely involve and support this defined demographic. These dedicated and passionate young adults have achieved some incredible accomplishments in their lives, all the while living with various chronic illnesses and disabilities. We exclusively provide this leadership program to young people with chronic illness/disability so that these massively overlooked population can get the support they need to thrive, while learning wonderful leadership, marketing, fundraising and team-building skills. There are three tiers of the Global Brand Leaders Program: 

  1. GBL-Apprentices
  2. GBL-All Stars
  3. GBL-Ambassadors

Our Brand Leaders are motivated and fun-loving individuals who contribute to their communities in the health sector and beyond, and will work with InvisiYouth to mutually promote empowerment and raise funds for all young adults living with all illnesses or disabilities. The objective: further InvisiYouth’s mission into their neighborhoods, to broaden awareness and access to supportive InvisiYouth "medically adult-ish™" resources and programs that can be provided for our growing international "medically adult-ish™" network, and provide a leadership opportunity of apprenticeship for many young adults in the nonprofit sector to excel their philanthropic endeavors. 

Click the three GBL levels to learn more about them, AND learn about our new, and returning, GBLs that are part of each group! They are stellar young people, so you will have a blast learning about each of them, while getting inspired on ways you can make impact in life. Their bios are BADASS and SUPER FUNNY!

Do you, or someone you know, want to donate and charitably sponsor InvisiYouth's Global Brand Leader and make a difference in the next generation? We want to hear from you, so Contact Us!