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IY Apprentices

Formerly part of our Global Brand Leaders Program (a leadership program for young people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities around the world which emphasized on teaching and improving their skills and networks in learning wonderful leadership, marketing, fundraising and team-building skills.) IY Apprentices is all about taking leadership skills to an entirely new level while also embracing the needs of the young adult chronic illness and disability community.

IY Apprentices are hand-selected individuals that have soared above and beyond to advocate for other young people in the chronic illness/disability community. With more than three years of engagement supporting InvisiYouth, these apprentices are at an elite level of program development, mentorship, civic engagement and fundraising expansion. They will take an immersive role with InvisiYouth's team every month while also showcasing the different individualized opportunities with their own interests that can connect well to improving and expanding InvisiYouth's mission. This is beyond your ordinary internship as each of the #IYApprentices be learning from the best in the youth nonprofit world and sharpening their diverse skills. 

Details on the 2023-2024 Class of IY Apprentices to be revealed soon!

*As if 2022, the Global Brand Leader Program has been put on hiatus, but details are archived on our website.  The former leadership program was put on hiatus to make room for InvisiYouth's new dual-tiered volunteer program, InvisiYouth's Freestyle Volunteers, which you can sign up for any day!