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Fun and Easy Ways to Support

Whether you’re a teen or young adult patient, medical student, pediatrician, nonprofit worker, friend, classmate or family member, there are so many ways to get involved with InvisiYouth Charity!  Check out some of our ideas below!


We LOVE donations! Whether it's $5, $50 or more, donating to InvisiYouth Charity is the quickest and easiest way to show your support. Your money goes directly towards helping us spread awareness on teen patient advocacy and helping us provide this youth the tools they need to succeed and enjoy their lives. Donate here to make your support known.

Fundraise with Friends

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Get creative and use hangouts with your friends as ways to pay it forward and raise money for InvisiYouth’s teen and young adult patients! Host any type of event like a movie night, a dance party, a pot-luck, a bake-off, or even a mini-soccer tournament. Grab your friends, set a fee and have fun raising that money! And after, make sure to tag @invisiyouth in your social media posts so your other friends can know about the awesome deed you were part of and money you raised. Contact us here if you want our help to put together a fun fundraiser activity! 

Follow and #RT 

Just like our youth generation, social media plays a key role in our daily life…so why not add a new philanthropic following to your different social media accounts. Go on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hit that follow button, so you can stay up to date on all of things @invisiYouth, keep getting involved and sharing with your followers so the InvisiYouth Charity community can keep growing.

Collaborate (School Chapters and Charity Partners)

Working with InvisiYouth Charity can be a collaborative experience, especially if you’re a student or another organization. If you want to bring InvisiYouth to your high school or university, you can create an InvisiYouth Club with your friends to help fundraise and promote teen illness awareness to your peers. Plus, we love it when other organizations, whether related to teen illnesses, mental health or invisible wounds, want to work with InvisiYouth so we can help even more people around the world. Partnering on fundraisers or programs, speaking on joint panels, promoting joint social media campaigns, collaboration with other nonprofits is critical. Contact us if you want InvisiYouth to join your work.

Volunteering WaystoSupport Pic


What makes InvisiYouth Charity so successful and fun to be part of is all of the volunteers that come into our community. We encourage all types of volunteering for lots of interests and skills, whether you’re on the East Coast like our headquarters, across the country or around the world, there are lots of ways you can volunteer and be part of our community. InvisiYouth has volunteers focused on fundraisers, social media promotion, news writing, grant research, merchandise preparation and more, so every volunteer is important to us. And all our teen and young adult volunteers can get community service hours while feeling good and being able to give back. Just contact us if you’re interested in being a volunteer, or having your school volunteer for InvisiYouth.

Share Your Support

Hashtag, retweet, repost and share every day! After you start following our social media, come to a speaking engagement, or support us with a donation, make sure you give us a shout-out on your own social media so all your friends know about your charitable support!  Give us a shout on Twitter, or share our posts on Facebook!  InvisiYouth promotes teen patients in pediatric healthcare to fit their lifestyle, and when you share your support of our mission, InvisiYouth will share our support of you too!


Speeches WaystoSupport PicWant us to come to your high school, university, medical school, charity or event? Want to learn more about the ways to assist teen patients, empower youth to take charge of their lives and health and learn more about teen patient communication, invisible illness and navigation of life with illness? InvisiYouth, and founder Dominique, will speak to groups such as large audiences, events, assemblies, small programs and schools. Contact us and set up a speaking engagement.

Spotlight Story

We want the teen and young adult patient voice to be heard and we need YOU. Submit to be in our Spotlight Story Program so your health journey and life story can be highlighted by us as our Spotlight Story!  Or let us know if you have a friend or sibling you feel would be a great Spotlight Story writer! Check out some of our Spotlight Story writers and contact us if you’re interested in sharing your story.