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Why We Need You

Unlike many other nonprofits working for teens and young adults with various chronic illness groups, we are not a team built of medical specialists dictating our ideas to our youth. And we're not a charity dedicated to only one illness. InvisiYouth Charity is made up by a group of young people and supporters working with teens and young adults, led by the ideas, innovation and empowerment of teens and young adults with all types of chronic illnesses, both physical and mental.

This uniqueness allows InvisiYouth Charity to be driven by youth and those supporting them personally and medically in their daily life. It is this support that makes InvisiYouth a movement unlike anything else. None of what we accomplish, none of the support, events and advocacy we provide, could be possible or expand around the world without all of you.

Our programs, advocacy and events are directly reliant on the donations and support from everyone who sees the importance of the teeniatrics® world and helping some of the most amazing young people you’ll ever meet.  The teen and young adult voice matters at InvisiYouth so whether you are the teen patient, the family member, the friend, the peer group, the pediatric doctor, the charity worker, or the medical student, InvisiYouth wants you involved in the work we do to provide resources that will help teens and young adults navigate life with chronic illnesses.

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