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There are no educational materials to guide teen and young adult patients through life…but InvisiYouth Charity wants to change that! InvisiYouth's education is to build a manual-style world of materials on how to live in and out of medical treatment, to improve daily life. 

Education NewPictureSpotlightThrough two programs, our Founder’s Monthly Blog and the InvisiYouth Spotlight Program, InvisiYouth is providing its very own youth-driven education on the authentic teenage-illness lifestyle, from our founder's personal life stories and guidance along with our youth illness community. Due to the need for resources, tips, tools and knowledge, these patients and families will only thrive in a community that allows teens and young adults to feel comfortable coming forward for assistance while managing their daily schedules. InvisiYouth's youthful style of educational programs will forge this community, making materials accessible in different platforms so youth can feel empowered to advocate and take charge of their own lives and choices.

Our Educational Materials Aim To Help Navigate Life With Illness

Education NewPicDeskA lot of times, youth do not know what to ask, no matter how big or small the struggles in their lives (like balancing schoolwork with treatment plans, decorating hospital rooms, fashionable medical equipment and accessories, and tips to talking with friends about illness). It is InvisiYouth’s goal to continue to expand our educational programs, to provide pamphlets, checklists models, mini-documentary series, podcasts, apps, speeches and more so it is accessible, teen-friendly and covers all topics teen and young adult patients need to better each day of their lives. Our materials will continue to be developed with youth in mind, by our most dedicated youth members so talking about illness can be informative and empowering WITH our entertaining and fun style.