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Events OurWork LA2When the InvisiYouth Charity team works with teens and young adults with chronic illnesses, there is one program that we knew had to be incorporated into the execution of our platform in a unique, InvisiYouth way: fun events.

Each year, InvisiYouth Charity provides fun, free events to youth around the United States and internationally all on the same day called the InvisiEvents: Multi-City Series.  

These series of events, funded solely by donations and fiscal sponsors, brings together teens and young adults with all types of chronic illnesses and their friends in different cities to enjoy a day of fun activities, to meet new people in their cities and abroad through social media conversations, and to learn from one another about the uniqueness of the teen-illness experience.

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We provide our events to give so many young people with illness a much-deserved day of fun outside of their health struggles, where they can connect with other InvisiYouth members around the world, and educate each other on ways to navigate between illness life and youth life.  InvisiEvents are held every year on the same day in multiple cities with the help of amazing volunteer cohosts. We also encourage them to bring friends and siblings who do not have illness to create an environment of inclusion. This lets our youth learn from each other about teen life and expand the understanding to the general youth population about what teen illness can be like so misconceptions can shed.

With all of our social media hashtags like #InvisiEvents, our teens and young adults can communicate with our entire international community while they also get to do fun activities like baking classes, amusement parks, sporting events, lunches and more.