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IY Digital Life Guidesheets

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Our digital monthly resource provides tangible tools, education and mindsets focused on improving all the different non-medical aspects of life so success and joy can thrive throughout. In the form of fun and condensed notes, you'll gain realistic skills you can implement and interpret to the unique ways you live your life with your individualized manifestation of your chronic illness/disability. 

Life is filled with enough challenges, homework assignments, work deadlines, hobbies and social/family why give you additional projects to do in order to improve your daily quality of life? With our guidesheets, you'll get the basic notes for major topics that impact non-medical aspects of daily life with chronic illness and disability without the hassle of needing to work on the worksheets. You'll get those thinking prompts, visual guides and step-by-step plans. We call it the "InvisiYouth Spectrum" with our medically adult-ish™ population because you are able to take every volume of our IY Digital Life Guidesheets, interpret the advice and mindsets your way and fall anywhere on the spectrum of fully embracing the teachings, or finding a level of use that fits your health and personality. 
Every addition in InvisiYouth Digital Life Guidesheets, will have a corresponding connection to that specific month's InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary and IYCS: Audio Flash Files additions, so stay connected to our social media platforms, like Instagram, to get all our digital resources at once.

DOWNLOAD the full PDF updated guidesheet every volume below:

  • Volume #1, based on Episode 43 "Serenity with Just a Splash of Happy"
  • Volume #2, based on Episode 45 "To Share or Not to Share...That is the Question"Screen Shot 2022 04 28 at 12.13.40 AM
  • Volume #3, based on Episode 47 "Treat Venting Like Onions and Have Those Layers"
  • Volume #4, based on Episode 49 "So Curiosity (Doesn't) Kill the Cat?"
  • Volume #5, based on Episode 51 "Baby Steps of Involvement Can Eliminate Fear: Facts"
  • Volume #6, based on Episode 53 "Dearly Beloved, Lets Talk About Death...of the Old Me?"
  • Volume #7, based on Episode 55 "Be a Mastering Baby Yoda in Life, Never Master Yoda"
  • Volume #8, based on Episode 57 "Make Life Choices on a Transient Slide to Feel Confident"