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Medically Adult-ish Educational Resources

InvisiYouth Charity wants to change the formula on what's provided as resources and services to guide teens and young adults with chronic illnesses/disabilities (a population and type of service we define as "medically adult-ish™") through life.

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InvisiYouth's medically adult-ish™ educational programs and resources allow these young people to be independent in building a manual-style world of materials, resources, and opportunities of involvement on how to live in and out of medical treatment, so they can always thrive, be joyful and NEVER wait for a cure or recovery. 

We are a zero-homework policy charity, so you can absorb the knowledge we drop and nad brainstorm for yourself without filling out any worksheets and guidebooks.

Synonymous with teeniatrics®, our "medically adult-ish™" services provide not only emotionally and socially supportive resources to teens and young adults living with chronic illnesses/disabilities, but also aim to meet the needs and improve the educational, mental, and social quality of life for this population in order for each individual to live well-rounded, joyful and successful lives.

Through "medically adult-ish™" programs like the monthly InvisiYouth Spotlight Program, and virtual resources like InvisiYouth Chat Sessions, InvisiYouth is providing its very own youth-driven education on the authentic young adult lifestyle. From personal life stories from our incredible SSP feature writers, to all the support and guidance provided in each episode of IYCS, InvisiYouth will continue providing resources for our "medically adult-ish™" community that will give them the tools to thrive in life. 

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Due to the need for resources, tips, tools and programs, these older youth and support networks thrive in our community that allows teens and young adults to feel comfortable coming forward for assistance while managing their daily schedules. InvisiYouth's youthful style of educational resources will allow for anonymity and independence while encouraging interaction, making materials accessible in different platforms so our "medically adult-ish™" and teeniatrics® can feel empowered to take charge of their own lives and choices.

Our Educational Resources are Getting an Upgrade in 2021 with InvisiYouth's Renovation, Aiming To Empower Young People to Improve Daily Life with Tangible Advice and Subtle Activism

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A lot of times, older youth do not know the ways they can improve their daily life while adapting to their health/disability. No matter how big or small, there are added struggles when finding yourself with health issues too (like balancing schoolwork with treatment plans, decorating hospital rooms, fashionable medical equipment and accessories, dating, going on job interviews, and tips to talking with friends about illness). 

It is InvisiYouth’s goal to continue to expand our educational programs, to provide resources, checklists life guide sheets, podcasts, graphics, speeches, audio files and more so it is accessible, YA-friendly and covers all topics "medically adult-ish™" and teeniatrics® need to better each day of their lives. As of 2021 and the InvisiYouth Charity evolution, resources will continue to be changed with youth in mind so it will always remain interactive, subtle, informative and empowering WITH our entertaining and fun style.


With the launch of InvisiYouth Chat Session: Audio Flash Files, InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary, and InvisiYouth Digital Life Guidesheets joining IYCS: Video Podcast Chat Show, we will now have a full monthly setup of InvisiYouth's provided (and FREE) life improvement and empowerment resources for the subtle activist and chronic illness/disability young people. As our website upgrades in 2021, new website pages will be added to accommodate these new programs, so check them out!