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InvisiYouth Charity is motivated to work alongside teen and young adult patients dealing with both physical and mental health, visible and invisible illness. This nonprofit’s goal is to establish our "medically adult-ish™" platform of empowerment for teen and young adult patients to harness their own voice since they are too old for pediatric healthcare, and too young for adult healthcare. There is a void of anything that could provide lifestyle management for teens and young adults with chronic illnesses like resources, leadership programs, activism and fun life guides.

Our work is to help create assets to improve the tangible-tomorrow for older youth with illness, to never allow "medically adult-ish™" to feel they are waiting for a cure or recovery to happen in their lives, but to gain the tools and experiences so they can continue to live authentic lives.

InvisiYouth Charity will work to reach its goals and help these deserving young people in their daily life, so every day is improved, not just the idea of a better future. To provide an arena for "medically adult-ish™" people to find skills and outlets to still be young, regardless of illness/disability. To give a platform for those usually unseen so they are celebrated with equal representation to those with physical illness. We achieve this through our four different "medically adult-ish™" programs:

InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Video Podcast, Audio Flash Files, 

Galaxy Glossary, & Digital Life Guidesheets



A Quick and Easy Way to get exclusive access to all our FREE resources and programs, you can sign up for our monthly community, Galaxy Hub by InvisiYouth! This is the one-stop shopping for all things that can help improve your daily life and help you get recognized to thrive,'s the most non-newsletter kind of newsletter because it embraces our sarcastic badass nature.

To sign up for the free Galaxy Hub, click here and fill in the few details we need!  And learn more about the Hub on our Galaxy Hub newsletter community page.

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