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Our Mission

Launched in 2015, InvisiYouth Charity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps teens and young adults around the world with various chronic illnesses and disabilities (both in physical or mental health) gain the right lifestyle tools, virtual resources, leadership programs, and interactive empowerment campaigns to learn how to keep living life and thrive with any health struggles. With InvisiYouth, older youth and their support systems can become empowered in all the non-medical aspects of their lives with any illness, both visible or invisible. It is our mission that this unsupported population--what InvisiYouth defines as the "medically adult-ish™" because they are the teen-young adult population living with chronic illness/disability/mental health--have all the knowledge and resources to never 'wait for the cure/recovery' in order to live a life with happiness, fun and success. 

These teens and young adults are NOT "invisible" patients. For InvisiYouth, these "invincible" young people deserve better support with resources and avenues for advocacy made for them to navigate life with illness/disability.

Through InvisiYouth Charity's medically adult-ish™ driven platform, these young people and their support systems will get the support, virtual resources, empowerment and lifestyle tools they've always needed to succeed every day in all the aspects of life (from their work life, personal life, educational life, social life AND health life) and recognize ALL illnesses and disabilities whether they are visible or not.