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Guest Speaking

Contact us to book founder Dominique as a guest speaker for a function or program at your school, event or organization.

Dominique is booked as a speaker on many topics:

  • Uniqueness of older pediatric patients through personal patient knowledge
  • Ending stigmas on invisible illness and mental health
  • Expanding knowledge on teen patient experience in and out of hospital environment 

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One of the biggest elements of InvisiYouth Charity’s platform and mission is to use advocacy, the spotlight we create, to establish the true teen patient voice, and the education on changes that need to be made to improve the teenage patient experience. 

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We use two main paths to make advocacy our focal point: social media campaigns/partnerships, and speaking engagements. Social media expands our reach and interaction with youth, families and nonprofits around the world so more young people can find our community.  Through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, InvisiYouth has a global reach, and works not just with teens/young adults from other countries, both also other organizations and nonprofits that are specialized in different YA illnesses and mental health causes. With social media being a strong aspect of the teen/young adult lifestyle, InvisiYouth Charity joins that world and uses positive commentary to make an impact in their lives. 

Our main form of advocacy comes in the form of professional speaking engagements. Through a blended platform of educational and motivational speaking, InvisiYouth Charity’s mission of assisting teens to navigate their daily lives with chronic illness is accessible to our audiences. Our founder Dominique Viel uses her many years of experience as a patient advocate and guest speaker in children’s hospitals and schools to tailor the InvisiYouth message for various audiences, from high school and university students, to charity and other organizations' events, to medical schools, nursing schools, and PT programs.  

We tailor our platform for medical staff to showcase ways to better understand older patients, and yet on the other hand, we curb our focus to the topic of ending stigmas for teen illness and invisible illness to our youth school audiences.  It is Dominique's voice, passion, and knowledge from a patient's perspective that makes her invaluable and unique for InvisiYouth's advocacy.